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About the game

This is a real-time strategy web-browser game for passionates of SCI-FI games.
This game follows the 4X rules, eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate, where players create a naval and an empire that first only occupies one region of the planet they are in and then they can expand it and eventually go for the stars and expand within the galaxy.

There are many aspects to the game, players can use all sorts of interactions between them: they can create alliances with other players, create economical ties through traderoutes, they can even use espionage actions to help turn the ties of war to their advantage, the combinations are endless.

The game revolves around a huge galaxy, with 12960000 stars and each star with an average of 6 occupied orbits each, of which 60% are inhabitable planets, 15% are inhabitable asteroid belts and 25% are gas giants that can in the future be terraformed.
Each star has been created using the conventional standard measurements of heat colour and size used by Nasa.
The Galaxy is 140000LY across making it about 40% bigger that the Milky Way but it is about 10000 less denser (number of stars per LY) making it a VERY old galaxy, another characteristic of the galaxy is its absense of spiral arms, giving it a shape similar to a spin-less explosion.

Game administrator: admin@sideral.co.uk

All material within Sideral is copyright (©) of KnightMare Games.

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