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[6th Feb 12 - 12:01] - Alpha testing

Added wiki for the game, there are 9 articles at the moment, waiting to expand on rules and other such matters.

Production summary page is done and working, requiring feedback on needed addons for the page.

[20th Jan 12 - 11:14] - Alpha testing

Reworking the production summary page, work in progress but it starts to look good.

[18th Jan 12 - 00:00] - Alpha testing

Fixed the issue with cookies, now the login is compliant with all of the biggest browsers including IE.

[31st Aug 11 - 17:00] - Alpha testing

A help file is now generated on successful registration that is visible in the GNN page (which is the first visible page when logging in), this will allow the player to have the FAQ readily available for quick reference.

[22nd Aug 11 - 14:54] - Alpha testing

There are more developments on the login side of things: wrong password entries are counted and recorded, after 5 wrong password entries, the account is frozen for 15 minutes, before they can try again.

Another improvement is that the player can ask for the password to be reset if need be, they will receive an email with the new password, as the email could be blocked by spamassassins and/or sent to junk mail, if the player does not receive the email, they can email the admin at admin@sideral.co.uk and he can reset it for you and let you now what it is by replying to their email.

[14th Aug 11 - 16:56] - Alpha testing

Added more functionality to the map: it now can be navigated with the arrow buttons, and control the zoom through a sidebar, there is also an option of specifying the actual coordinates that you might want to use.

Soon there will be the functionality to use the + and - to control the zoom and use the id of the system to jump the map to that system.

[12th Aug 11 - 00:28] - Alpha testing

We will have a small tutorial/FAQ page that will be visible as soon as you register that will help you with the first set of instructions needed to work the game and get familiar with it.

Please bear with us as we are building it.

Thank you,

[12th Aug 11 - 00:26] - Alpha testing

Registration is free, if in need of Neumidium, DO NOT buy it, just ask the game admin (me) and it will be supplied freely for testing.

[12th Aug 11 - 00:19] - Alpha testing

Alpha testing has started and this news channel is open.
It still needs work done,

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